Women have applied makeup for a long time now. The sad thing is some even after years of using makeup; they still do it wrong. The common makeup mistakes to be avoided are discussed in this article.

Makeup mistakes

Wrong brushes

Newbies in makeup make this mistake often. Makeup brushes might look similar, but each is meant for its work. If you use the wrong brush, you will achieve poor results. To avoid this, conduct research before purchasing. Use each brush for its purpose. Old or brushes, not well-taken care will give pathetic results as well. To have them last longer clean them from time to time. A weekly clean plan will be good.

Applying makeup on dry skin

It is a huge mistake applying makeup on dry skin. Some of us are blessed with moist skin. If you happen not to be in this category, use a moisturizer on your skin before any makeup. Makeup should blend with your skin if at all you will look good in it. With dry skin, the makeup sits on the skin making it look bad. Experts encourage people with dry skin to exfoliate it regularly to help remove the dryness.

Overdoing the eyebrows

Some ladies get it zero when it comes to the eyebrows. In the hustle to look good, they apply so much on the eyebrows. This will give a weird look. You will get people staring at you, not because you look good but because you look funny. The use of wrong tools largely contributes to this. Avoid an eye pencil that is too soft.

Do not apply a lot of eyeliner too

Makeup should make you look good. Before the journey, please research, watch YouTube videos on how it should be done. You can approach an expert for training as well. Genuine friends will tell you when you did it wrong. The mirror plays the best friend role after makeup does not leave the house without checking the mirror for adjustments and assurance.