Different Kinds Of Deodorants In The Market

If you are having problems with your body odor, then you need to make use of deodorants. Underarm deodorants are one of the best products that are used to control body sweat. However, sometimes it becomes difficult on deciding on the type the deodorant that you should be using. This is because there are many types of deodorant in the market. It is good to take note of the fact that not all of the deodorants that are in the market are good for your health. Some of them can leave you with side effects that will make you regret. This article explores some of the common types of deodorants in the market that you should know.

Types of deodorants

When it comes to deciding on the type of deodorant that you should be using, you need to first understand what types are available in the market. There are majorly two types of deodorant that you can come across; purely deodorants and those that are made of the combination of antiperspirant and deodorants. The two products are totally different. Unfortunately, most people tend to think that they are same. This is one of the biggest mistakes that you can ever make.


Deodorants are normally used to help you get rid of the bad smell that seems to trouble many people. Here you need to understand that the smell that you normally experience is caused by some bacteria on your skin. So the Deodorant works by neutralizing those bacteria on your skin. You need to understand that deodorant cannot prevent your body from sweating. Another important thing that you need to note is that high level of hygiene can also help do away with undesirable smells.


Antiperspirants like the name suggests, are used to prevent the body from sweating. Like I said before, the bad smell which in most cases comes from armpits, are caused by the reaction between the sweat and the bacteria that are found on the skin. This, therefore, means that if there is none of those, that smell will not exist. Antiperspirants prevent your body from sweating and therefore doing away with the bad smell as well.

Spray deodorants

Spray deodorants come in the form of liquids. They are popular because they are very efficient in eliminating bad smell. The good thing about them is that they tend to last for a long time meaning that you do not have to use them now and then. When looking  for deodorants, always remember that your health should be given top priority. Check out JK Naturals- all natural aluminum-free deodorant for kids if you are looking for safe products.